Code of Conduct


The professional work of equia and its employees is driven by the conviction that integrity is the key factor for successful economic activity in our society.


This conviction is the driving force behind our executive performance, which reflects the highest standards of integrity. We support companies in the establishment, maintenance, and further development of their compliance and governance structures as well as their integrity. We hereby make an important contribution to promote performance-related justice in our society and its conformity with the law, avoiding ongoing disadvantages due to unfair business practices.


Integrity and Compliance

  • It is our policy to act in accordance with the law, regulations, and generally accredited standards.
  • We refuse to accept orders that are beyond our high quality standards set by ourselves. A comprehensive and clear documentation of our results and business related events is essential to us.
  • We charge for services, which are in accordance with the Engagement Letter only.



  • Nothing is more important than the integrity and reputation of equia.
  • We provide our clients with short-term support and offer immediate assistance in facing their challenges.
  • We perform our client orders for the purpose of their needs and in accordance with the highest quality standards.


Intellectual Property/Data Protection                                              

  • We are aware of the high sensitivity of our clients' data
  • We protect such data from unauthorized use by ensuring that our technical infrastructure meets the present requirements to protect such sensitive data.
  • For the gathering of information, we solely use publicly available sources and resources released for publication from the author.



  • We will never surrender our independency and objectivity, both of which are key elements of our work.
  • We will not allow ourselves to be put under political or psychological pressure.
  • We do not accept benefits that might compromise our independence or objectivity.
  • We avoid any actions that might expose us to any risk of complicity.



  • We display fairness and esteem as well as obligation towards our clients, service providers, partners, and regulators.
  • We avoid unnecessary environmental impacts in the course of our work.
  • We put great importance on giving our employees room for manoeuvre to fulfil their professional requirements.


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