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equia is a compliance consulting firm, supporting you in all areas of compliance, such as governance, risk management, audit and forensics. equia holds the needs of its clients above all other things. Our hallmark is the provision of sound and practical solutions in a highly complex environment. Our people are highly qualified specialists in their fields with many years of cumulative experience in multinational corporations. This puts us in the advantageous position of knowing firsthand, the needs of most companies. Moreover, working on various mandates for and with international law enforcement authorities has gained us deep insight into regulatory expectations. Our client’s resources are valuable, and we know it. So, we ensure to use them efficiently without compromising the quality of the work.


equia offers all manners of services in the areas of governance, risk, compliance, audit and forensics.

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Don’t take our word for it. See for yourself why equia is a standout company when it comes to delivering results, time after time.

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The company

Our management team are all highly qualified experts with many years of experience and university teaching backgrounds.

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«Murat Üranüz was my Deputy Monitor for a Compliance Monitorship mandated by the US DOJ. He helped me enormously and comprehensively, to design and successfully implement the monitorship. Murat works quickly and diligently and evokes confidence in those working with and for him. As someone who has encountered and experienced pretty much everything that constitutes the GRC range, I could not imagine anyone better to work with. I can without hesitation say that Murat Üranüz will be of invaluable help to companies that have to deal with challenges with a high degree of efficiency. And not just such companies: companies seeking to increase profitability by using smart GRC measures would be well recommended to get in touch with equia.»

Dr. Mark Livschitz –
(Attorney at law, Zurich)

equia – a trusted partner by your side

Companies today face immense challenges when it comes to compliance. They often wonder how and where to start the process of getting the house in order. That’s where equia comes in. Because no one knows better than equia how to help you navigate the confusing world of compliance and find workable, cost-efficient and practical solutions.

Trust is an integral part of compliance consulting and a pre-requisite to the services we provide. Our integrity and professionalism help build up this trust amongst our clients, rapidly.

Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC)

We consider compliance to be part of an integrated approach to other success factors such as governance and risk management rather than a single discipline. All these factors work together to maximize the effectiveness and productivity of your company’s compliance management system.

Our goal is for your company to work friction-free in these areas, without loss of information or efficiency.

Internal Investigations & Audits

Employee misconduct, whether deliberate or not, can cause damage to your company. equia can conduct thorough and professional internal investigations, and support you in the detection, processing and assessment of damages.

equia can offer you a palette of audit services to cater to your in-house processes and requirements so that your company can meet and maintain its own as well as statutory specifications.



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