Risk Assessment & Risk Analysis

Corporate and business model-individual compliance risk assessment & risk analysis

We believe that a current status assessment and evaluation of existing processes and structures, as well as the carrying out of a business model-dependent risk analysis is an absolute pre-requisite to provide professional compliance advice.

To establish and then expand the necessary compliance structures, you first need to acknowledge the risks and the likelihood of their occurring, together with their potential impact on your company.
The effectiveness of a CMS can only be a given if the right and important risks are managed correctly.

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  • Compliance risk assessment

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Compliance risk assessment

As part of risk assessment, we collate all identified compliance risks in your company. Should this exercise not provide adequate results, equia conducts an inventory of possible compliance risks in your company at the start of the compliance consultancy. Compliance risk assessment is essentially based on the following components:
Apart from existing in-house specifications, we also research existing internal audit or investigation reports as well as the organizational structures of your company. In addition, we use data analytics to evaluate typical compliance and governance-relevant business transactions.

Another crucial component of our approach to compliance risk assessment is the validation of initial findings and the penetration of compliance-relevant processes through management interviews. equia has conducted several hundreds of management interviews over a period of time. The success of such management interviews depends on functional and business model-dependent interview guidelines, which equia develops on a case-by-case basis.

Compliance risk analysis

The compliance risks are determined using three things: results from the documentary study, data analysis and management interviews. The risk analysis of your company, where risk dimensions including their characteristics are derived and weighted is conducted on the basis of this.

This approach results in a compliance risk assessment model geared specifically to your company. Using a scoring model, certain company processes, individual business units, specific national subsidiaries can be categorized under different risk levels, such as high risk or low risk.

Recommendations for action

Once a map of the identified compliance risks has been created, the process of managing the risks can begin, using appropriate measures and allocating resources using a risk basis. equia designs practical and established recommendations for action based on the risk analysis. These recommendations contain concrete and realistic suggestions for organizational and procedural changes with which your compliance risks can be managed.

Our conviction and indeed our experience, has shown us that only on this basis can a serious compliance consultation take place.

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