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equia considers compliance courses and regular compliance training as an important element for the long-lasting introduction of compliance requirements and the acceptance of compliance issues among employees.

While equia’s compliance courses are designed to provide knowledge of the most diverse compliance-relevant content both from practice and theory, the compliance training consolidates already gained knowledge and strengthens the pre-agreed topics relevant to the company’s compliance environment.

We firmly believe that compliance courses and training contribute immensely to healthy corporate integrity.

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Our Services

  • Interdisciplinary courses and training combining legal expertise and business operational know-how

  • Themed and customized compliance training including content

  • Compliance course and training plans

Interdisciplinary courses and training approach between legal expertise and business operational know-how

Many of equia’s compliance courses and training courses are conducted in close collaboration with the renowned lawyer Dr. Mark Livschitz. We use a successfully proven interdisciplinary approach combining legal expertise and operational know-how, including compliance-relevant financial, accounting and internal audit skills. This ensures a multi-dimensional mapping of compliance during the training. All participants, regardless of their specific expertise, are brought up to speed and enhance their compliance know-how to match their operative business.

Our interdisciplinary approach also facilitates a high level of professional interaction, as our cumulative experience renders us able to answer many questions and have productive discussions.

Themed and customized compliance training including content

We offer our clients general introductory compliance education on topics such as money laundering, corruption and fraud prevention. Using our expertise, gained over collaborative mandates with authorities such as the U.S. DOJ, we also train professionals seeking to build or expand a compliance management system. Other than theoretical leading-practice approaches, we provide concrete practical suggestions for implementation in day-to-day business. We also educate and train companies in selected areas of compliance, such as third-party due diligence processes and reviews, or the requirements for conducting an internal investigation.

Upon request, we develop specific and target group-oriented compliance courses and trainings in coordination with you, to achieve the maximum and long-lasting learning effect. Our focus is on your immediate needs, gleaned from implementations in your CMS, recent incidents from the operational business or the industry. We work together on case studies to create realistic business situations, making it easier for the participants to recognize and apply them in day-to-day business.

Compliance course and training plans

Some of our clients have included compliance trainings as an essential element of continued education within the company. In such cases, we determine the need for compliance training and its content on a risk-based basis, developing content that is tailored to the company’s internal requirements. We also support you in the implementation, content preparation and organization.

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