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equia is an advisory/consulting company specialized in the areas of governance, risk, compliance, audit and forensics.

equia takes a holistic approach when it comes to compliance consultancy. What does this exactly mean? Simply, that equia carries out a company-specific compliance risk analysis for each company. Such an analysis could then be reflected in the possible optimization of corporate governance, the revision of operational processes relevant to compliance, the uniform representation of these processes company-wide; be it accounting, the adaptation of audit programs for internal auditing or in the revision of the internal control system (ICS ).

Conducting suspicion-based internal investigations within a company, as well as the conducting of internal audits in case of outsourcing or co-sourcing of an internal audit rounds up our palette of offerings.

equia is proud to work only with recognized experts with many years of experience. Thereby, equia is able to ensure that our clients receive top quality work, carried out efficiently.

Murat Üranüz

Murat Üranüz is the holder of an Executive MBA from the University of St. Gallen (HSG) and graduated in business studies. He is also a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE). From 2014 to 2018 he served as the deputy compliance monitor to Dr. Mark Livschitz for a German company with reporting duty to the FCPA Division of the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) in Washington DC, USA, as part of a Deferred Prosecution Agreement (DPA). Murat Üranüz was responsible for all procedural and accounting audits carried out for the duration of the compliance monitorship.

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Strategic partnership with Mark Livschitz AG

equia has established a very strong strategic partnership with Mark Livschitz AG (www.livschitz.ch), a law firm with proven expertise in litigation and criminal law. The two companies have shared a long-term and highly successful and efficient partnership. Our joint clients benefit greatly from an ideal combination of business and legal expertise: all relevant aspects of compliance and integrity problems are thoroughly taken into account when offering solutions, thereby avoiding isolated legal or business solutions.

Dr. Mark Livschitz has practiced law in Switzerland since 1996 and holds a doctorate from the University of Zurich. After a court internship in the greater Zurich area and working as a lawyer in the areas of litigation and criminal law, he became a partner in an international law firm in Zurich, where he headed the local business criminal law and compliance practice.

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Board of Directors

Prof. Dr. Thomas Berndt

Professor Dr. Thomas Berndt is Professor of Accounting as well as Director at the IFF HSG (Institut für Finanzwissenschaft, Finanzrecht und Law & Economics der Universität St. Gallen).(IFF-HSG).

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equia values

  • Integrity and compliance are cornerstones of our company.
  • We act consistently in accordance with laws, regulations and generally accepted auditing standards.
  • We only take on projects where we can guarantee meeting our own high standards.
  • We document results and all business-related events transparently and comprehensibly.
  • We only charge for actually rendered services and which are in accordance with the terms set out in the Engagement Letter.
  • We ensure that all our clients and other external relationships meet and match the integrity and reputation of equia ag.
  • We are available to support our clients at short notice and react promptly to help combat any challenges.
  • We fulfill our client’s requests based on their needs and which meet the highest quality standards.
  • We respect and protect all sensitive data of our clients.
  • We ensure that the infrastructure we have in place meets current technical requirements and is adequate to protect our clients’ sensitive data.
  • Our collection of information uses only publicly available sources and resources which have been released by the author.
  • At no point do we surrender our independence and objectivity as they are the pillars of our business.
  • We do not submit to political or psychological pressure.
  • We do not accept contributions or grants that could jeopardize our independence and objectivity.
  • We avoid any actions that put us at risk of complicity.
  • We treat our customers, service providers, partner companies and regulators with respect and commitment.
  • We try our best to avoid unnecessary environmental pollution in the course of our work. As far as possible, we carry out our tasks in our office location.
  • We allow our employees the widest possible scope to fulfill their professional requirements and meet their private obligations.

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