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Internal Control System: An internal control system (ICS) is an essential additional measure to internal audit, that ensures conformity and cost-effectiveness of business processes, safeguarding of company assets as well as the adherence to internal requirements. For this purpose, controls are designed to manage certain risks. Checks are carried out periodically with functional responsibilities and documentation obligations.

ICS Effectiveness Check («Control-Check»)
Check the planned management tests for their conformity with the control description, including independent sample-based audits.

ICS Effectiveness Check («Design-Check»)
Analysis of the control description and verification of its adequacy to sufficiently control the risks associated with the underlying process). Analyse der Kontrollbeschreibung und Prüfung, ob sie adäquat ist, um die mit dem zugrundeliegenden Prozess verbunden Risiken ausreichend zu bewirtschaften).

Internal investigation
Carrying out forensic, including IT-technical investigations to validate a defined hypothesis.